Therapeutic Source

is Within You. It's the Only Source for Healing and Living



If you are seeking psychotherapy in this moment in history you have a profound opportunity for healing and development.  There is no longer a need for distinct separation for classical psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and dream analysis verses alternative therapies.  Recent research in neuroscience show how the two disciplines go hand in hand, working on different parts of the brain.

I have been in private practice for over 20 years.  My studies range from psychotherapy, dream analysis and neuroscience to hypnotherapy, meditation and breathing techniques.  Skillful combination of traditional and alternative practices has shown me remarkable possibilities in human transformation.     


Regression Therapy

We react to the world mostly from our memory bank of unknown emotions, from our subconscious and regressed state. How often have we found ourself making the same "mistake"? Sworn not to do it again? And while we may understand the reason(s) why we did it - there we are again; in the same situation, in a similar relationship, angry, depressed, or confused.


Regression therapy is a powerful, safe and effective therapeutic technique incorporating a multitude of psychotherapeutic studies including cognitive-behavioral, Jungian, analytic, and others. Using hypnotherapy - a relaxed state where the subconscious is awake - one safely regresses and explores the root of the dysfunction at hand. It's a technique for accessing the subconscious mind, which contains complete knowledge of our personal history.

Most traditional therapies search for reasoning and intellectual understanding, hence the treatment tends to become lengthy and frustrating at times. In regression therapy, by experiencing and examining consciously forgotten memories, you can remove any stumbling blocks that may be preventing you from living a healthy life.


Past Life Regression Therapy

Using hypnotherapy, explore your past lives' memories and free yourself of unhealthy karmic patterns, gaining fast and permanent understanding, wisdom and healing.

It is irrelevant if one believes what story comes up, instead it is essential to notice what your subconscious will choose to paint on the canvas we call our mind.  After all, it is from subconscious mind that we make most of our decisions.

Hundreds of patients, from doctors to monks have experienced their Past Lives with Magdalena and have greatly benefited from the results.



As a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Magdalena has specialized in hypnosis and its emotional and medical applications. Her studies includes uses of hypnosis in medical healing, pain management, self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and in past-life regression therapy.



"My father died when I was 5 years old. And so I could not trust another man and could not afford to lose again. Even more painful was that I could not remember if he loved me.

After years of psychotherapy I still felt empty. I understood why I did not trust men and yet it made no difference in my life until I worked with Magdalena. Understanding it intellectually was not enough. Re-living the years with my father under hypnosis has set me free!

Because of regression therapy I remember the way my father smiling at me and even moments when he looked at me so proud, adoring me. He loved me, I know it now and I am free to live."  ~ Joy


A poem from a patient written for Magdalena:


I saw nothing, but darkness

I was unaware and confused…

You showed me a door.

I struggled to open it…

You showed me where I hid the key.

I walked through the door

And into the light only to see more closed doors.

You took me by the hand and guided me,

Removing any fears I once had.

I saw a door it had no knob,

You showed me I could push through it.

Some doors led to other doors…

You helped me make sense of the in-betweens

I still have some up-opened doors

But I now hold the key,

With this excitement I run to this door and over to that one.

I soon realize that you are not here to hold my hand to

scare away my fear…but wait what is that voice I hear…Is it me?

It is the me you shoed me you see, for what I’ve discovered

and learned from you has stayed with me and

lives on to guide me through the doors…